Zoe: 1 Year Old Occupational Therapist

So… this happened last week! We were gently playing with blocks like usual. I was helping Stellan to reach them and Zoe was throwing them on the floor, as it seems that this is what it makes sense to do when you are just 1 year old. Suddenly she stopped, she decided to step up and to take the lead. I was lucky enough to recognize that something special was happening. I managed to grab silently my iPhone and started recording the scene. I let them play and shed a tear while watching them. Zoe is just 1 year old and she is certainly one of the best occupational therapists out there! And who hugs and kisses his patient with so much love during a therapy session?


Michael Bolton

UNBELIEVABLE!! I have worked in the II/DD industry for over 35 years and could not believe my eyes. I am also the father of a 27 year old young man who has different, but also significant abilities and limitations. It is even better than an OT because Zoe is more Stellan’s peer both by age and eye level. They see “eye to eye”. She reached him in a way no “true OT” could possibly do. Not only therapeutically but emotionally. I am truly moved on many levels watchinbg this.

T'ai Jamar

Yes!!! This brings me so much joy and affirmation! I am so proud to know and love this family! Go Stellan go! And Zoey!!! Wow wow wow. Increible.


I could watch this all day!! Seeing Stellan’s big smile!! Zoe is the best therapist ever!


Amazing. What else can I say?

Love Z

This is such a special video, Noelle. I wish you would post more!

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