We have been on vacation for almost a week, just Quentin and I, in Morocco. Stellan has been in Paris with his grandparents, living the good life that one lives with grandparents in Paris. (Wine, cheese, oh la la.) We came to Morocco for a wedding. To officiate a wedding, more specifically, enabling us to cross off our bucket list something we hadn’t even realized was on it.

I’ve actually been away from Stellan for the better part of two weeks now, because Quentin went to Paris with him the week before our trip to Morocco in order to spend some time with his parents and get Stellan adjusted before leaving him with his grandparents.

This is the longest vacation we’ve had without him – 8 nights away – since he was born. The first few days were lovely. And the nights – so much sleep! But now as we get closer to seeing him again, Quentin and I both find ourselves missing him like crazy and looking forward to being reunited with our little man. Just one more night and we get to squeeze him and smoosh him with kisses.

And as wonderful as our vacation has been, and as great as it has been to spend some time just the two of us, we’re most excited of all about seeing our little superstar tomorrow.

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