Mother’s Day

We celebrated my second Mother’s Day very much the same way we celebrated my first – at my grandparents’ house in Pennsylvania. Last year was the first time my grandparents got to meet their first great-grandchild, and my grandfather nearly pushed me out of the way, he was so excited to get Stellan out of his car seat.

This year they were just as excited to see him, and the biggest change was how happy to see them too. He has become a very social little man in the past few months, and he spent the majority of the weekend smiling and giggling at everyone, enjoying being the center of attention.

A lot has happened in the past year. We’ve learned a lot more about Stellan, though there are still plenty of questions. He’ll be fifteen months old on May 22 and he’s finally starting to develop enough head control to be almost where a five month old might be. He’s not the bobble-head he was just a few months ago, though he still gets tired easily, especially if there isn’t an iPhone in close proximity to motivate him.

Through all of this, through the exhaustion and the stress, the occasional fear and sadness, and mostly the very fact of not really knowing anything at all and trying to find a way to live with it… Through all of this I still find myself looking for reasons we are lucky. His condition could be much, much worse. Stellan has a strong support group from his family and friends, and we do too. We have a great team of people looking after him. And he’s just so darn cute.

Happy Mother’s Day, Stellan. You’re the one that made me a mom, so you should get to celebrate too. Thank you for being my amazing little man.



Happy belated Mother’s Day Noelle! Always thinking about you guys – gros bisous


Happy Mother’s Day for all three of you! Belated in US, and too early for Europe – so let’s call it just in time ;)


Love you little man! Hope we get to see that smiley face soon and noelle aka super mom, we love u


Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Noelle! You guys rock. Keep the faith, keep going, keep smiling. Big hug to you both and cute little Stellan

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