Quentin and I always figured we’d have kids. Plural. Maybe two, maybe four, maybe somewhere in between. And now that we have Stellan who, at 11 months, has the motor skills of a three month old, and whose future is uncertain… Well, we definitely know more than ever that there will be more kids in our family, whether we have one or two more ourselves, or adopt, or both. Stellan will need love and support from siblings as he grows. He’ll need to be pushed around and rough-housed with and challenged, just like any brother is. And he’ll need people on his side, to look out for him, and to love him just how he is.

The other day I came across this video on Facebook and it drove home the desire for Stellan to have brothers and sisters. Not right this minute, since we definitely have our hands full with him right now. But soon. So he can have siblings and friends like these two.

Warning: Watch with a box of tissues close by.




I love how Conner rides exclusively in the drops.


I’m at a loss for words, too. Doesn’t happen often!


What a lucky kid (s)he will be to have Stellan as a brother :)


A friend of mine gave birth to twins few years ago. One of the girls is a perfectly healthy girl, the other one has the Turner syndrome. It was diagnosed at birth, as the girl had swollen feet and hands and it was further confirmed by genetic check-ups. And I can tell you one thing – having a sister is the best thing that could have happened to this poor little girl. She observes her sister walking, running, playing and she tries 100x harder to do the same. The healthy sister is just an incredible stimulator for her. :-)

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