Stellan Rides a Tricycle at the NY Abilities Expo

Back a few month ago was the New York Abilities Expo. We had barely heard of it and it picked our interest as it claimed to offer a one-stop source for disability products and services. As we did not have anything planed that weekend, we decided to rent a car (it’s actually in New Jersey) to go check it out. We did not know exactly what to expect and we thought that, worst case scenario, we could figure out how to turn this road trip into a fun trip wight the kids. It turned out to be an awesome experience. We spent our full day there, instead of the originally expected few hours. We were still talking to vendors when they were dissembling their stands. We were still talking to other visitors when the security kicked us out of the center. We learnt so much about so many things. We connected so well with vendors and other visitors. Such a valuable and enjoyable experience!

The highlight of the expo was certainly when Stellan tried an adaptive tricycle. He first got really scared when we put him on the tricycle. He did his cute sad face and started crying. After a few comforting hugs, and after selecting a more adapted seating system, we put him back on the tricycle. As you can see on the video, he showed a positive response and started to like it. Great. I wish I had managed to capture the third trial because that one was the winning one. Once we adjusted a bit more the settings, we put him back on the tricycle. And that’s when the miracle happened: he started to pedal by himself while cracking up…  No need to see more: the adaptive tricycle is next on our shopping list!

Zoe: 1 Year Old Occupational Therapist

So… this happened last week! We were gently playing with blocks like usual. I was helping Stellan to reach them and Zoe was throwing them on the floor, as it seems that this is what it makes sense to do when you are just 1 year old. Suddenly she stopped, she decided to step up and to take the lead. I was lucky enough to recognize that something special was happening. I managed to grab silently my iPhone and started recording the scene. I let them play and shed a tear while watching them. Zoe is just 1 year old and she is certainly one of the best occupational therapists out there! And who hugs and kisses his patient with so much love during a therapy session?