Quentin and I always figured we’d have kids. Plural. Maybe two, maybe four, maybe somewhere in between. And now that we have Stellan who, at 11 months, has the motor skills of a three month old, and whose future is uncertain… Well, we definitely know more than ever that there will be more kids in our family, whether we have one or two more ourselves, or adopt, or both. Stellan will need love and support from siblings as he grows. He’ll need to be pushed around and rough-housed with and challenged, just like any brother is. And he’ll need people on his side, to look out for him, and to love him just how he is.
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15 pounds

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since Stellan had his G-Tube surgery, and in those three weeks we have seen a great deal of progress in our little man.

Most notably, today we put him on the scale at his GI doctor’s office, and he weighed in at 15 pounds, 5 ounces. This is a BIG DEAL. The fifteen pound mark has been an unbreakable barrier for us for months, and the longer Stellan went without crossing it, the more worried Quentin and I (and everyone who cares for Stellan) became.
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To the anonymous person who read this post about Stellan’s G-Tube and sent us these rad iron-on flames for his feeding pump backpack, YOU ARE AWESOME.

Thank you.

Ironing shall commence this weekend.

The G-Tube: A Christmas Story (This is a long one)

Stellan has never been a great eater, and we always assumed his slim figure was due to the fact that he’s half French and French people don’t get fat. I was also told numerous times that breastfed babies aren’t as chubby as formula-fed babies, and Stellan was strictly on breast milk for the first four months of his life.

When his weight started to plateau around month four however, we asked our pediatrician what we could do to help get him back on track. She suggested supplementing his diet with formula as well as introducing pureed food, both of which we did. We set up an additional growth check at 5 months, at which point he still hadn’t gained much weight and had actually started to fall below the bottom curve of the growth chart.
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