15 months! 18 pounds! 9 teeth!

Stellan finally hit the 18 pound mark this week. He had been gaining weight nicely after his g-tube surgery and then leveled off the last month or so due to some problems keeping his food down, which has been stressful for us. So this still leaves him below the growth curve for weight, but at least he’s gaining again.

In other news, he had his 15 month pediatric visit on Tuesday, and was given three different vaccines in his leg, poor little dude. AND poor little us, because he was incredibly fussy and feverish Tuesday night and no one managed to sleep more than an hour or so. Which made Wednesday feel, well… long.

He’s also starting to get his second molar, bringing his total to nine teeth. I can’t believe a tooth that size can grow in such a little mouth.

I also still can’t believe we have such an adorable little man. And he gets more handsome every day.



That is a rad hat on Stellan.


babygap.com – the most dangerous place on the internet! :)


The eyes of a poet. The heart of a lion.

(My wife’s quote. I’m more the “Stellan Rocks!!” kinda guy).

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